Clean 9 – Days 5-8

Well, what an eventful 3 days! Had so much energy that I’ve been out and about, training, seeing friends ad spending time with the fam. The energy I have is unreal and my tiredness is gone! Why didn’t I do this cleanse years ago I feel like a new woman.

My training has improved and I’m actually stronger… maybe tis is mindset, but I don’t care! I’m feeling positive and light! Win win!

My friend, who has also been on this short little journey with me, feels and looks outstanding. Photos to follow tomorrow! 😉 SUPERB!

No headaches, no hunger pangs and I’ve also just signed up for the FIT15. If anyone is interested in any of these products let me know. They are idea for a lifestyle shift and also to lose a little extra lbs before a special event… wedding, dinner party etc etc. AMAZING results, I will share everything tomorrow once all is complete.

I will also be documenting and sharing my FIT 15 journey if anyone is interested. I start a week Monday!!!



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