Clean 9 – Day 4 (and a bit of day 3 :))

HOY SHIT! Today I feel amazing! I can’t tell you how crazy it feels. I have been proven wrong, I hold my hands up!

I got to bed really late last night, a) I had loads to get done, but b) I wasn’t tired. For the first time in months I stayed up past 11 which is a miracle!

Today, Day 4, consisted of lots of work meetings and I felt so energised. It’s 9.55pm, I’ve just had chicken, rice, peppers and onions, it was delish and it filled me surprisingly.

FullSizeRender  IMG_7666

Skin seems much brighter, and I’m starting to see my abs again!! More importantly I do genuinely feel so much better in myself. I bounced out of bed again and I’m sitting here asking myself what’s taken me so long!

Also just found out that there is an Aloe juice that can help with my training. I Crossfit, so energy and being ready for anything is a must. The Aloe has Glucosamine in it, which helps keep my joints oiled 🙂 Win win! Tonight’s WOD was tough, but I did manage to keep up, even with minimal food inside me.



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