Clean 9 – Day 3

Woke at 6am, full of beans. Such a good night sleep. Not sure if it’s the Aloe, the Garcinia, the fibre or a mixture of everything, but it feels great! I’m slowly getting used to the Aloe, and now we are on Day 3, it’s just 120ml per day, which is manageable. I also walked for 30 mins this morning, a nice consistent quick pace.

I’ve had some grapes, and my shakes so feeling pretty good. Zero bloat too, which is something I’d been hoping for as one of my objectives from completing Clean 9. So far so good.

Crossfit tonight, let’s see how I get on! Not sure energy levels will be very high with little calories, but i’m going to go anyway. Anything is better than nothing. Plus I miss their faces when I don’t go! 🙂

I’ll finish this day a bit later and let you know how I’m feeling. So far so cleeeean!


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