Clean 9 – Day 2

7.430am – Woke up starving! Quickly took the Garcinia and waited the 30 mins before I could have the Aloe shots and any free foods, the book is full of little tips which really help to keep you going. Rhi also seems to be smashing it! She has gotten used to the Aloe already, being an avid Aloe drinker anyway!

Had a green salad around 11am as I was literally starving, but the Aloe and shake tends to fill you up.

Drunk lot and lots of water to try and fill myself up, and it’s worked. I feel better than I did yesterday at this time. I’ve been for a 30 minute brisk walk and I’m raring to go tomorrow, I get to eat some food!! These abs will make an appearance again.


It’s tough watching the body go back to “Normal” after you do a bodybuilding show. My head hasn’t been able to accept my fluffy body, but I’m starting to understand that health should come from the inside, and this Clean 9 cleanse is a great way to start this new plan of thought.



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