Clean 9 – Day 1

Ok, so that was one tough day! I’m hungry, and the Aloe doesn’t really taste great. Rhod tells me it gets better, so I’m persevering with it! I know the benefits of Aloe, so I won’t be defeated. I’m told that they also do different flavours, so if need be, I will switch, but for now, I’m going to keep going.

12PM – I stuck to everything all morning, feel ok, managed to get some heavy barbell training in this morning too, so that was a bonus!

Had the chocolate shake, popped some cherries and raspberries in and whizzed the whole thing up in the NutriBullet, tastes good! And adds that little sweetness that I always cry out for around lunchtime. I’d usually get some pineapple in about lunchtime, but that’s not on the list of free foods or any of the Day 1 and 2 foods allowance, so the chocolate has filled the gap.

Evening – Lots of Aloe has been consumed, and my belly is feeling pretty flat. I feel like I have quite a bit of energy too.

Night time, 9pm, off to bed with lot and lots of water in my belly. All of the supplements have also been taken.

Day 2 – Let’s be having you!…


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