A journey with a difference

Here I am, almost two years on, and I’m on a new journey! I hope you’ll follow it with me. I’ve always been so against any types of detox’s as I honestly don’t believe they work, but, as part of a new plan that Rhod has decided to embark on, I’m acting as a guinea pig for him! I’m a bit apprehensive as it doesn’t contain much food for the first two days, but, it’s an aloe vera cleanse, and I’ve heard so many amazing things about aloe that i just had to give it a whirl!

So the cleanse is called Clean9, it’s a Forever product and has some absolutely amazing reviews. People are raving about it, so i’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited 🙂


The kit costs ÂŁ108 and it covers 9 days. It contains: Forever Aloe Vera – Their absolute best selling product. Rhod has suffered from really bad IBS his whole life. I got told about this morning juice that literally changed people with IBS’s lives. So, I went ahead and bought it for him. Well it’s safe to say, he won’t leave home without it. It comes EVERYWHERE with us. But he is cured 🙂

Forever Fibre – this is designed for digestive health and is high in fibre and low in those yucky saturated fats!

Forever Therm – this is formulated with vitamins to provide supplemented support whilst achieving your diet and lifestyle goals. (they really have thought of it all! :))

Forever Garcinia Plus – this contains the prized Asian culinary fruit Garcinia. It is high in chromium which helps the healthy macronutrient metabolism and also contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.

Forever Lite Ultra – Available in Vanilla and Chocolate flavours, this acts as your protein, 24g of it to be precise, it also contains a load of other vitamins and minerals.

The box is really neat and allows me to pop it in the boot of my car and literally take it everywhere.


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