October 19th 2015 – Peak Week

It was here! PEAK WEEK! And yes! I’d made it! The worst bit was done….Surely!?

This is where The magic happens. And my god does it! I felt amazing. My re-feeds went to plan each week, meaning that peak week went swimmingly.

My tan was complete and I was booked in for a big bouncy blowdry the morning before the show. I was feeling on top of the World.

Steak and wine with the besties finished off the journey in complete style, and I went to bed feeling excited about the day I had ahead of me. I felt amazing. The most precious people n my life were with me, an I was finally in control of my body. I was buzzing!

I woke up on the morning of the show, I was hungry, but knew I had yet another steak and fried egg meal ahead of me. Today was a good day! And it was only going to get better. I got my makeup done, my hair was as bouncy as can be, and my bikini fitted and sparkled beautifully. I was ready!…


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